Who are we?

Metro World Child is a global, Christian-based humanitarian organisation dedicated to serving children across the world. Started in New York in the 1980s, MWC now works with more than 250,000 children globally.
The Metro Schools Network UK exists to equip youth workers and volunteers to serve and support their local schools. The network provides a support system for these autonomous workers in addition to training and resources to serve schools.
The network also provides volunteers with additional opportunities to serve local schools, with the network distributing 18,000 Christmas presents to over 50 schools in December 2021.

How we can support you?

MWC teams consistently work within schools across the UK, presenting sessions designed to support children’s growth socially,emotionally and spiritually. MWC teams use a unique curriculum that has been specifically designed to help students flourish using Christian ethos and values. The programme focuses on character building, promoting personal and social responsibility, enhancing decision making and problem-solving skills while supporting student’s emotional health and the navigation of their futures.
The programme can be delivered in a variety of formats and timeframes including whole school assemblies, class size groups or at break/lunch times. Each session incorporates an interactive lesson that utilises games, relevant object lessons and interactive stories.

Volunteer commitments to Schools

MWC volunteers are committed to serving the needs and the ethos of the school, while engaging with all pupils regardless of ethnicity, disability, political or religious persuasion, gender or sexuality.
MWC volunteers are committed to working with a high level of professionalism including following school procedures, maintaining open and honest communication channels with the appropriate members of staff, and ensuring all material is fit for use.
Volunteers are committed to abiding to school safeguarding policies while ensuring they have the relevant DBS checks and safeguarding training to protect the safety of well-being of all members of the school community.


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