In many of our outreach areas around the world our children struggle with the reality and effects of extreme poverty.  At Metro, we believe that it is important to not only meet spiritual and emotional needs, but we must also address the physical needs that so many of our children face.  Our children often times lack basic needs integral to their growth and development; things such as school supplies and uniforms, clean drinking water and filling meals or even warm clothing in the winter.

Our aim with each of our efforts is to help support the development, growth and nourishment of each of our children; we see it as a necessary and critical investment into their future.

Humanitarian Projects & Efforts

Warm Feet

For our children in Romania, one of the most pressing needs is proper winter footwear. Our Warm Feet Project distributes warm socks and sturdy winter boots to thousands of children enduring extreme winter conditions.


At the schools where we hold our Metro World Child outreach programs in Kenya, children are fed, educated, and introduced to a relationship with God.

Warm Hearts & Hands

Winters in New York can get very cold, often times with temperatures dropping far below freezing for weeks at a time. With our Warm Heart and Hands Project we distribute much needed gloves, coats, hats, scarves and socks to boys and girls who are painfully underdressed for the harsh winter weather.

Mosquito Nets

Mosquito nets are a first line of defense against serious sickness and disease in many parts of the world where we do Sunday School. Our Mosquito Net Project is a practical step sponsors can take to help ensure the physical well being of their sponsored child.

Hygiene Kits

Good personal hygiene is a basic need that goes unmet by many of the children attending our Sunday School programs around the world. Our Hygiene Kit Project is a tangible way for sponsors to meet the basic needs of their sponsored child.